The delivered air is guaranteed to be oil free because internal lubrication is unnecessary, and because all SHD Blowers Positive Displacement Air Blowers are constructed with air gaps which completely isolate bearing and gear lubrication from the compression chamber. Noise levels are kept to a minimum. Mechanical noise levels have been reduced by the running accuracy of the taper mounted gears. Air noise is reduced by carefully designed air ports and the elimination of resonant unbraced surfaces. The blower can be installed for either vertical or horizontal air flow simply by repositioning the mounting feet. Installation costs can be reduced by versatility of mounting arrangement. The generous diameter of the drive shaft permits the use of V-belt drives without the need for a double outer bearing. Air blowers can also be used as air exhausters. Performance chart on application.

Service and repairs : We provide a full repair and reconditioning service for Roots type blowers, including:

  •       Bearing and seal replacement
  •       Rotor repair and re-machining
  •       Gears
  •       Casings

All our work carries a 6 month guarantee.All our work carries a 6 month guarantee. 

Spares in stock and to order

We carry replacement parts for Roots Blowers and vacuum boosters blowers, including

  •       Impellers
  •       Gears
  •       Bearings
  •       Casings