Vacuum System

Vacuum System


Benefits of using  ROOTECH  mechanical boosters pumps in cardanol recovery:

Cardanol recovery from Cashew Nut Shell Liquid(CNSL) is batch process carried out at temperature range of 200-250 deg C  at a vacuum level of 20-30 torr. High temperature than specified is generally not recommended hence not practiced  to avoid any polymerization threat minimizing process upset at elevated temperature .

Being a batch process, vacuum boosters play a vital role facilitating efficient recovery of cardanol from CNSL at specified temperature range. since process is started at around 200-250 deg C which is essentially the boiling point of CNSL at pressure of 30-40 torr, the evaporation rate is appreciably higher at this reaction phase. As the process proceeds, further recovery of cardanol seizes,  which further calls  for the deeper vacuum  keeping the constant evaporation rate wherein mechanical boosters in conjunction with backing pump make the things possible helping process achieving deeper vacuum without any further rise in temperature improving final yield of cardanol recovered at the end of process.

Mechanical vacuum booster generally help the backing pump achieving lower pressure( generally 10 times lower with single stage) beyond the limits of their capability which is essentially a prerequisite, especially at the final stage of process where initial process conditions surrender to sustain further reaction. Machines withdraws minimum energy inputs because of its not contacting type.

Second big advantage using mechanical vacuum boosters is that process vapours always remains uncontaminated because of its dry running nature allowing vapours to be recovered at exhaust of booster employing a interstage condenser facilitating efficient condensation because of high operating pressure.

Possibility of installing an interstage condenser can only be made possible with mechanical booster since these are dry running equipments enhancing yield of product recovered giving more worth to process!!.

Further, excess air leakages in process system is a big problem in cardanol recovery hence should be avoided. recovery is a function of operating pressure,temperature and air leakages. extra air leakages will carry away process vapours out of condenser as vapours of saturations contributing exhaust emission. the process vapours carried along with air leakages or any other non condensable wouldnot be easy to recover despite of having effcient vacuum pumping system which may enhance utilities cost. so extra air leakages should be taken care off for effcient recovery of process vapours.

Remenber all proces equipments/instruments should have good Integrity with vacuum system to get the most frome same!!