Water Cooled Blowers

Water Cooled Blowers

Our Heavy Duty Blowers are based closely on the original design of Roots Types blower,with their renowned reliability and life expectancy.

Specification Summary

  • Cast iron cylinder and head plates.
  • lmpellers are made from SG iron and are cast with integral shafts or pressed In steel shafts
  • Precision ground and hardened steel spur gears, taper/straight mounted onto the impeller 


Water Cooled Blowers


Specification summary:

  •    Cast iron cylinder and head plates.
  •    Impellers are made from SG iron and are cast with integral shafts or pressed in steel shafts
  •    Precision ground and hardened steel spur gears, taper/straight mounted onto the impeller shafts
  •    Oversize bearings for long operational life. Grease lubricated double row bearings or spherical roller bearings (size dependent)
  •    New - oil-oil lubricated versions also available


Material handling

(eg Fluidisation and blending processes)

General industrial (Petrochemical and industrial processes)

Design Features

The conservative load carrying capacity of the larger diameter rolling element bearings ensures an extended operating life. Timing gear life is also extended by controlled lubrication systems. The computer calculated impeller profiles ensure maximum volumetric efficiency with minimum ab-sorbed power without sacrificing torsional rigidity. The high rigidity of the impeller / shafts permits a higher pressure rise to be obtained than with other machines of comparable size. The generous shaft diameter keeps drive stresses low. Gear and shaft strength is substantially increased by the use of taper/straight mounted gears which do not need keyways for location. Setting of the gear wheels to obtain correct timing of the impel-lers is simplified, a feature that facilitates field maintenance. Precision ground and hardened steel gears are used to ensure smooth, silent running and accurate timing of the rotating impellers. A controlled lubrication system is provided to ensure efficient operation without waste of energy in the gear case. Specially designed rotary oil seals are used in the gear case. This feature eliminates maintenance associated with the use of lip seals. Design and manufacture is in accordance with metric standards. Use as an Exhauster If used as an exhauster and dust or liquids could be drawn into the machine due to inadequate filtration, closed end rotors should be specified. This will minimise risk of loss of dy-namic balance due to material inside the rotors.



The cylinder and head plates are manufactured from cast iron. The gear case is manufactured from Graded Cast Iron as well as aluminium.


The impellers are made from SG iron, and cast with integral shafts. The shaft diameter of machines in the Blow kings Blowers range is larger than that of earlier designs, enabling increased operating pressures to be achieved without increasing blower size.


The precision ground and hardened steel spur gears are taper /straight mounted onto the impeller shafts. The timing of the impellers relative to each other is accurately maintained at all times.


The bearings are of generous proportions to give long operational life. Grease lubricated double row ball bearings are used at the drive end of the blower. In addition to their normal duty of carrying radial loads associated with the differential air pressure on the rotating impellers, the ball bearings provide axial location of the impellers. Parallel roller bearings at the rear end splash lubrication by oil from the gears.


An advanced design of controlled gear wheel lubrication enables the gears to operate at a high pitch line velocity without the need for an oil pump. Simple, maintenance free oil throwers fitted behind each bearing in the gear case prevent leakage of oil.


Detachable mounting feet enable the blower to be positioned for either vertical or horizontal air flow. Standard machines have a right hand drive shaft for vertical air flow, and a bottom drive shaft for horizontal air flow. If machines are required with a left hand or top drive shaft, all that needs to be done is turn the gear case and trough through 180º.Centre timing permits clockwise or anti-clockwise drive shaft rotation. Based on Success Blow kings Blowers are one of the world’s leading air blower manufacturers and have a reputation for quality, innovation and service. Positive Displacement Air Blowers - Sizes 4’’, 5’’, 6’’& 7’’


Industrial Processing:

The delivered air is guaranteed to be oil free because internal lubrication is unnecessary, and because all SHD Blowers Positive Displacement Air Blowers are constructed with air gaps which completely isolate bearing and gear lubrication from the compression chamber. Noise levels are kept to a minimum. Mechanical noise levels have been reduced by the running accuracy of the taper mounted gears. Air noise is reduced by carefully designed air ports and the elimination of resonant un-braced surfaces. The blower can be installed for either vertical or horizontal air flow simply by repositioning the mounting feet. Installation costs can be reduced by versatility of mounting arrangement. The generous diameter of the drive shaft permits the use of V-belt drives without the need for a double outer bearing. Air blowers can also be used as air exhausters. Performance chart on application.


We provide a full repair and reconditioning service for Roots type blowers, including:

  •    Bearing and seal replacement
  •    Rotor repair and re-machining
  •    Gears
  •    Casings

All our work carries a 6 month guarantee.

Spares in stock and to order

We carry replacement parts for Roots Blowers and vacuum boosters blowers, including

  •    Impellers
  •    Gears
  •    Bearings
  •    Casings